Practical Performance Monitoring

  • Monday, 10/23/2017: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


At some point in time every DBA struggles with the concepts and implementation of a proper performance monitoring strategy. This session will cover the fundamental techniques and code snippets that will help you get to the bottom of who or what may be causing you problems. Learn how to use the tools that are readily available to you in order to effectively identify areas where performance may be affecting your SQL Server instance. We will then discuss the proper steps to address or even prevent the issues going forward. You will come away with not only the confidence but the actual code to help monitor your SQL Server instance on a daily basis. Experience will always play a vital role in feeling comfortable with performance monitoring but this session can get you started as soon as you get back home.

Learning Objectives

Gain confidence with performance monitoring.
Understand SQL Server fundamental aspects that affect performance.
The ability to hit the ground running using the supplied code examples


Andrew Kelly